We create a better version of life through technology

We are Netzon

Netzon is a software development company located in Stockholm, Sweden and Davao, Philippines. We help our clients and partners to develop new projects, create better solutions for their products and systems. For us, IT projects and technology solutions is a passion.

The company was founded in 2012 with passion as one of the keystones and still is. We offer a complete delivery as far as Project lead, design, and development. As a client/partner, it’s up to you what needs to be done and we are there to help you.



Energy Saving. Internet of Things. Mobile App.

Hope Solution

Healthcare. Internet of Things. Mobile App


Retail. Analytics. Web App


Environment. Photography. Web App.

Vet App

Veterinary. Mobile App.


Social Media. Mobile and Web App.

Four Friends

Retail. Rewards. Mobile App

Air Spirometer

Healthcare. Internet of Things. Mobile App.


Educational. Mobile App.


Healthcare. Mobile App.


We are about 20 workers today with a variation of qualification. For us projects and solutions is more than a job, we just love what we do and feel a great pride every time something is delivered.


Before a project starts, small or big, the team involved needs to get to know the company and the project idea and what you see as the goal. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss the target or some misunderstanding might happen.

For the best results and the same goals, we at Netzon has workflows we follow with routines and documentations that are well known.

Development Solution

We work with a variety of languages today. It’s about the client/partner’s needs and ideas/strategies.
Native, mobile web, PHP, Python, .Net, and many more. But it’s more about the character of the project, then a solution and language are picked that suites this particular project best. A development solution goes from design to maintenance.

Advanced Platform

We assure you to always be competitive by being familiar when it comes to the latest innovations, technologies, and programming language.
If there is to build a new platform or use an already existing one.


We create designs inhouse that will be appreciated by different users and clients based on their diverse aesthetics. We are always looking for the industry standard as far as functionality but there is of course, room for innovations


With each delivery, we are always willing to keep up with you and respond to your concerns. We are there for you and looking for long term relationships with our clients and partners and operations is a big part of that.

Digital Solutions in Physical Stores

Together with our partner Need+ for physical products and productions, we deliver digital solutions to stores and conventions. Sensors that can be installed anywhere (a store window, shelf, table, mirror, etc.) and control speakers, lights, screens and so on. But most importantly it collects valuable data for you as a client. We do that with our product Ekin.




    Vasagatan 16 111 20 Stockholm Sweden


    +46 702-76 67 02